April 2012 Update

Well another Summer season is upon us (well apparently it's summer but in reality it’s been dodging the rain storms!!!!) The winter has probably been our most successful since I have taken over as Director. The show music was out alot earlier than prior years and the members took to the new music like ducks to water. I think it helps having a show that the members can really relate to. We have taken on some other performance opportunities locally during the winter as well, showing the progress of the corps from being just a competitive driven organisation to an overall performance organisation - we have been really impressed with the level of talent in  the corps being able to pull out a 20-30min show without even touching the show music.

Most sections during the winter spent alot of time working the basics and building a good fundamental approach. This can be hard going but the members pushed through and are clearly starting to feel the benefits now as we hit the field. Each section has been working closely with their counterparts in the cadet corps to make sure there is a natural progression into both corps with the same principles and philosphies. Im sure that this will bear fruit in the years to come as it has been evident this year with the rookies that have come up from the cadets who have fitted in seamlessly with the way the corps functions.

We recently had a camp during which we were able to get the opener on to the field It was a rather cold affair but the members pushed through and achieved more than was anticipated.  Since camp we have struggled to get a decent practice in due to the weather, but every cloud has a silver lining and we were able to grab some more music time. The musical element of the show is finished and really taking shape and coming alive.

We have the ‘Green Fete this Sunday 12-3 at the hut which should be a good day to gain some vital fundraising. If you are in the area please drop by and check out the craft stalls and have a cup of tea. Both bands will be performing throughout the day, it will be nice to see as many people there as possible. Then its off to the 2nd drill camp which will be using to crack on with the 2nd part of the show. The design team this year have really pulled a great entertaining show out of the bag, the members are really enjoy performing it and the feedback from supporters is really positive.

Anyway until my next post speak to you soon