37th Kingswood Role of Honour 

 At the end of each season we hold our Presentation evening and awards are given out to celebrate members achievements and hard work throughout the year. Click on the links to see our role of honour for each award. The Long service awards speak for themselves when you see how long many of our young members have been in the Corps. (37th Kingswood 5yr, 10yr & 15yr awards were only introduced in 2007)  




The benefits to our members are second to none in terms of achievements and the success of the organisation has provided opportunities for members to travel on the international scene. Our members have the opportunity to grow within the organisation. Many start in the Cadet band, move up to Senior Corps and then start teaching the younger members gaining valuable leadership skills.The Corps is dedicated to success within performing arts and will continue to provide a learning and educational environment for many years to come.