"Glastonbury 2012"

This year the 37th show will submerge you in the ambience of a traditional British music festival..... a key event in today’s youth culture.  When considering this year’s show choice, the design team felt the greatest connection to our membership, would be with a concept that has real meaning to their age range – and the results so far are quite something!
Like any good festival goers the corps will find the best tent pitches and get themselves ready to listen to the show opener – with the iconic main headline act of Coldplay including extracts from ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Clocks’.
With the adrenaline buzzing it’s off to the electronic scene in the Dance Tent where many top DJ’s keep the crowd pumping – check out some moves and join in the rave with musical sections of ‘Propane nightmares’ by Pendulum and LMFAO that sing ‘Party Rock Anthem’.
After a heavy night at the rave it’s time to head back to the stone circle for a chill out listening to the acoustic sounds of the guitar and hand drums. The show brings the aura of the stone circle alive with the sounds of ‘A team’ by Ed Sheeran.
Dodging the rain showers, and with energy levels restored, all great festivals have a retro act from yesteryear and the amazing Rolling Stones will hit this show with the classic ‘Paint it Black’. The festival wraps up with a closing bill from Muse including ‘Assassin’ and ‘Newborn’.

So grab your wellie boots and get yourself a ticket - this is one festival you really won’t want to miss!