"The Premier" 

The show opens with the stars entering the movie theatre via the famous red carpet. With the paparazzi waiting behind the velvet rope to capture the prize winning shot.
Trailer: The Red Carpet
20th Century Fox by A Newman
20th Century Fox Film Corporation is one of the 6 major American film studios. The fanfare that proceeds each film has become world famous and iconic to movies.
Soundtrack I – Spy Thriller            
Quantum of Solace – ‘Time to get out’ by D Arnold
Casino Royale –‘African Rundown’ by D Arnold
James Bond is a film series based originally on the books of Ian Fleming. Who depicted the trials and tribulations of an MI6 secret agent James Bond code named “007” The Film series have grossed over US$ 12 billion (in inflation adjusted dollars) at the worldwide box office, making it easily the highest –grossing film series ever. David Arnold was a Grammy and BAFTA nominee for his scores of Casino Royale
Soundtrack II – Children’s
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – ‘Pure Imagination’ by A Newley & L Bricusse
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – ‘Oompa Loompa’ by A Newley & L Bricusse
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a movie that every person remembers watching as they grew up. The sound track was an Academy Awards nominee for best original score. The film is based on the novel by Roald Dahl and the film stared Gene wilder. The film was most recently remade by Tim Burton staring Jonny Depp. The film is an iconic film of everybody’s childhood.
Soundtrack III – Musicals
Chicago – ‘Cell Block Tango’ by J Kander & F Ebb
Musical films were in the golden era of 1930’s-1950’s and was a natural transition from stage to screen. The movie musical created house hold names such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
The film ‘Roxy Hart’ which stared Ginger Roders was the prequel to the stage musical of Chicago which was made into a movie musical in 2002. Chicago has been credited with reviving the movie musical in the modern era. The film has been critically acclaimed winning Academy, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards.
Soundtrack IV – Horror
Saw – ‘Hello Zepp’ by C Clouser
Psycho – ‘Prelude’ – by B Herrmann
28 Days Later – ‘In the House – In a Heartbeat’ by J Murphy
The Exorcist – ‘Tubular Bells’ – by M Oldfield
Halloween – ‘Main Theme’ – by J Carpenter
Horror films had the universal breakthrough in the 1930’s with films like Dracula and Frankenstein. Most of these movies had little to no musical scores. One of the main contributors to the American horror scene was Herrmann’s string scoring of the 1960’s Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’ the famous stabbing scene scoring has been used many times since. 1970’s seen the rise in popularity of the slasher films which brought the use of electronic instrumentation into the musical scoring. Jeremy Carpenter was famous for Directing and scoring his own films like ‘The Exorcist’.
The film ‘Saw’ is a modern Horror franchise starting from a short film to now becoming the biggest horror franchise based on US domestic box office. The franchise has now taken over the gaming world and the theme park world. The horror film is designed to put you on the edge of your seat and to expect the unexpected.
Staff list 2011
Corps Director: Carl Curtis
Assistant Corps Director: Charlotte Jones
Horn line
Chris Jackson (Caption Head)
Joe Rodwell (Designer)
Chris Holt
Rob ‘Nemo’ Quick
Carl Curtis (Caption Head) (Designer)
Lindsey Holt
Chris ‘Buslane’ Midlane
Keith Worlock
Alan Payne
Colour Guard
Emma Eddy (Caption Head) (Designer)
Siobhan Pullin
Lucy Pugh
Charlotte Jones (Caption Head)
John ‘Rab’ Barclay (Designer)
Chris Holt
Debbie Plummer
Lucy Pugh
Management Team
Nick Box (Chairman)
Julie Bettesworth (Treasurer)
Steve Bettesworth
Erica Hooper
Carl Curtis
Charlotte Jones
Nick Hibbs
Andy Maule